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WLF Staff

Esther Noiles, Ph.D.

Esther Noiles, owner of Woods Lane FarmEsther Noiles is the owner of Wood's Lane Farm, LLC and the stallions Adonis, Lehnsritter, Regazzoni, and Romancero H. Esther supervises all aspects of the breeding services offered at Wood's Lane Farm, LLC.

Dr. Noiles received her master's degree (M.S.) in Reproductive Physiology in the Animal Science Department from the University of Connecticut in 1985. Her thesis was entitled Vaginal Mucous Ferning Patterns in Mares. She then received her Ph.D. in Reproductive Physiology. Her dissertation was entitled The Effect of Exercise on Reproductive Parameters in 2-Year Old Morgan Stallions.

After graduation, she joined the research team at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis to research the fundamental cryobiological aspects of freezing sperm. There, she worked with human, bovine, equine sperm. She also worked with the Indianapolis Zoo, developing hormonal profiles on the African elephants to determine estrus. This was preliminary work necessary for the development of an artificial insemination program. She also collaborated with the National Zoo, helping collect data for their big cat program. She worked in Indianapolis for 2.5 years.

Next, Esther went to work at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, Philadelphia, PA, for three years. While there, she developed the first successful protocol for cryopreserving mouse sperm. After more than five years of working in large cities, Esther decided to go back to the country and her first love - horses. She acquired her first broodmare, and was in the process of looking for a farm, when the USDA learned of her “retirement”, and proceeded to recruit her to Beltsville, Maryland, to develop a cryopreservation protocol for swine. After working for the USDA for 1 year, she decided, once again, to return to horses, and has been at Wood’s Lane Farm, LLC ever since.


Raudel Martinez

Randal and Romancero ws 2Raudel entered the world of warmbloods with vast experience in breeding. Prior to joining the Wood’s Lane Farm, LLC team, he worked for 7 years at Green Willow Farm in Woodbine, MD, a Thoroughbred breeding facility. While there, he was responsible for handling stallions, foaling 60 to 80 mares per year, and sales preparation of weanlings, yearlings, and broodmares, as well as general farm maintenance. Following Green Willow, he moved to Hampstead, MD, to another Thoroughbred breeding facility, Hunting Fields Farm, for 5 years, with similar responsibilities.

Here at Wood’s Lane Farm, LLC Raudel supports all aspects of the farm: Handling stallions, foaling mares, handling babies, and day to day maintenance of grounds and equipment.

When not at work, Raudel and his wife Eva are busy raising their 3 children: Vanessa, and twin boys Diego and Brian.